Instructions for booking rinks

Click to go to rink booking site

Using your web browser go to

Please note that your membership number MUST be 4 digits.
e.g., if your membership number was 123 it is now 0123.

Your initial password is your initial/surname/membership number.
e.g., John Smith whose membership number was 123 will have a

Once into the system please change it to something else!
(see options at the end of this section)

When viewing the diary, you will see BOOK A MATCH button: clicking this button takes you to a page in your account area which displays any current bookings. On the first visit this will be empty:

From the next picture you will see that I have previously made a booking, which is shown along with a button to delete it if I so wished.

Click the MAKE A NEW BOOKING button to proceed.
The next page will show you todays diary, here you can CHOOSE DATE to go to a different date, press NEXT to go to tomorrow or if you wish to book a rink today then stay on this page.

Once on the correct date, clicking on an empty slot will display the option to book a slot.

Clicking on the orange button will lead to a pop up with more options.

The option OPEN play, will be automatically filled in.
The club is using the term Open Play to describe times when a member can book a rink for just a casual non organised roll up.
Other options are available in the drop-down menu under the Agreed/Provisional section. (National/County or Club competitions)
Your name will also be filled in and you can add more names if you know
who else will be joining you.
When ready click the Submit Booking button.

You will now be taken back to the bookings list page with your booked matches listed and the booked match will immediately be visible to the club and other members.

Different categories of bookings will appear in the diary as the colour set by the club.You will also receive an email (if the club has been supplied with a valid email address) confirming the match is booked.


If you click on MY ACCOUNT at the top left of the Diary Page you will
see several options available to you.

  • Account settings is where you can change your pasword.
  • My Club Competition matches
  • My roll up / National / County matches, shows all bookings made by
  • Online booking Guide has links to several help files to guide you
    through the booking process.
    My Balance & Transaction History
    Accessing the Bowlr Microsite (Member Portal)
    Booking a roll-up match
    Booking a National or County match
    Cancelling an online booking
    Email notifications for online bookings
  • Matches as Captain – see below picture.
  • Log out
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