Information For Members

Code of conduct

Code of conduct

Banter vs Bullying

Dress Code Rules

When in the main bowls hall and taking part in club league games, club knockout competitions or representing the club, members shall always
conform to the following standards of dress when playing, marking or umpiring.

Grey, brown, black, or predominantly white shoes that have no heels and are manufactured for lawn bowling.

These shoes must be used exclusively for bowling and must not be worn to enter the premises.

Plain grey, black or white trousers, skirts, or tailored shorts, according to the requirements of the competition.

Cargo style trousers, leggings or grey or coloured jeans are not acceptable!

Any of the following shirts:
– All shirts must have a collar.
– Predominantly white shirt.
– Regulation P&DBC shirts.
– Team shirt approved by the club Committee if the same is worn by all team members.
– County or other team regulation shirt if the same is worn by all team members.
– Pullovers/sweaters/jackets must be predominantly white.
– Team shirts from other clubs should not be worn unless playing on their behalf.
Not Acceptable:
T-shirts and sweatshirts are not acceptable.

At all other times the above dress code will not apply except for footwear as stated.

Bowlers will be invited to make their own individual choice of clothing for roll-ups and casual play, with the exception that bowling shoes must be
worn. No firm guidance will be given, but bowlers will be asked to think “smart casual” and consider whether their choice of clothing is suitable
for bowling e.g., is it comfortable and flexible enough to allow freedom of movement, would it be too revealing when bending?

Setting up a league team

When people take up bowling, once they realise what a good game it is and want to move into playing in teams, or setting up their own, they sometimes find it confusing.

For any members wishing to play in the leagues, the league secretary will be pleased to show them how to do it.

  1. Decide what League you would like to enter. Pairs, Triples or Fours
  2. Make sure the date and time suit yourself and the other players.
  3. Decide on a team name and enter the name on the list that league.
  4. Now you have entered your team, you will need to register your team and the names of your players. If a player wants to join your team later, you must register the player (No extra cost)
  5. The cost of registering your team is as follows: Pairs – £6.00, Triples – £9.00, Fours – £12.00 Share the cost of registering between members of your team.
  6. When all the teams have been registered for that league, the league will be drawn.
  7. Drawing the League is when the computer works out who will play who, on what rink and at what time. This will produce a Captains Planner which gives you a hard copy of the drawn League schedule and the names and contact numbers of all the captains in that league. This will match the dates and times on the screen in the bowls hall. It will also give you the means of marking when your players will be required to play.
  8. It is the responsibility of the captain to make sure all dates are fulfilled.
  9. At the start of all games the player in charge should collect the Score Card, an envelope to put the rink tokens or cash in and a slip to fill in showing your team, rink and number of rink tokens/cash collected.
  10. Rink tokens can be purchased using your credit/debit card, more convenient for you than trying to find correct change. Most members for convenience buy several at a time.
  11. At the end of the game the card should be checked and signed by both captains and the card put in the slot marked Secretary Scores must also be entered on the iPads provided. The Envelope containing the tokens and slip should be put in the slot marked Treasurer.
  12. The results of your matches and your position in the league will be available as soon as possible on the Web Site, to keep you up to date.

There is always help available.
The League Secretary is happy to sit with you and assist you in any way possible either face to face or by telephone.
Email –

League Details

The league season runs from September to April, with a reduced programme running during the summer months.

League matches are of 1 hour 55 minutes duration and MUST start on the bell.

There are leagues for men’s, ladies and mixed: played in pairs, triples, fours: for both open and over 55’s: throughout the day and evening.

How to form a league team:
The lifeblood of any Bowls Club is the success of its leagues and the more teams that play in these leagues the better. So, we are asking members to think about forming a team and playing in a league. How do you do that?

First, you need to talk to a few friends to see how many people you want to register in your team. Don’t forget that you probably need one or two spares in case of holidays or illnesses. Then you can decide which league you want to play in, depending on the gender, number of players and which day you want to play. Now you can choose a name for team and appoint the captain to manage your team. It will be this person’s job to register the team and its members and do a rota for who will play in each match.

First, you need to talk to a few friends to see how many people you want to register in your team. Don’t forget that you probably need one or two spares in case of holidays or illnesses. Then you can decide which league you want to play in, depending on the gender, number of players and which day you want to play. Now you can choose a name for team and appoint the captain to manage your team. It will be this person’s job to register the team and its members and do a rota for who will play in each match.

Finally, contact the league secretary, who will complete your registration.

The charges for registering a league team are Pairs – £6, Triples £9 and Fours £12.

Don’t be deterred by feeling that you’re not good enough to compete against more experienced bowlers. We’ve all been there and suffered the defeats, but we soon get better and start to win a few games.

Please give this some serious consideration and hopefully you will be able to enter a team in one of the many leagues starting in either the Winter or Summer leagues.

For your information details of these leagues are below.

Please give this some serious consideration and hopefully you will be able to enter a team in one of the many leagues starting in either the Winter or Summer leagues.

Prior to the end of a season, lists of existing teams are displayed on the notice board and captains are asked to indicate whether they wish to play in the following season. There is at this time the opportunity for new teams to be entered.

A list is also made available whereby players wishing to play in a particular league can denote availability.

Throughout the season there is a floaters list whereby occasional players can indicate their availability. In addition to the league programme there are sessions set aside for roll ups.

Please see separate document, Bowlr or the notice board for details of these.

Monday14:00LadiesTriplesLadies Triples
Monday18:45Men’sFoursMen’s Fours
Tuesday09:30OpenTriplesArthur Strickland DIY 1
Tuesday11:45OpenTriplesArthur Strickland DIY 2
Tuesday18:45OpenPairsOpen pairs
Wednesday12:00OpenPairsAircraft DIY 1
Wednesday14:00OpenPairsAircraft DIY 2
Thursday09:45Men and LadiesTriplesCath Ross
Thursday14:00Men’sTriplesThursday Flower
Thursday18:45OpenTriplesThursday Open Triples
Friday11:45OpenPairsMotor Car
Friday14:00OpenTriplesFriday Flower


NAME AND ADDRESS – The Club shall be called The Peterborough and District Indoor Bowls Centre. The Club is situated at Burton Street, Peterborough, PE1 5HA.

OWNERSHIP – The club is owned by the Peterborough and District Indoor Bowling Club Limited and operated by the Peterborough & District Bowling Centre, a company limited by guarantee in accordance with the Memoranda and Articles of Association of the respective companies, which may for the sake of clarity be hereafter referred to as “The Owners” and “The Operators”. Both companies are registered with Companies House. Day-to-day management being exercised through a committee comprising the Directors of the Board of Management of the Operators plus a number of subscription members elected by the subscribing bowling members at their Annual General Meeting.

OBJECTS – The object of the club is to provide for members facilities for Indoor and Outdoor Bowls, a licensed bar and entertainment.

MEMBERSHIP – The Club shall consist of the following categories of membership.

  • Full members
  • Junior members under 18 years of age **
  • Social members **

** Social or Junior members shall not be eligible to hold office nor to vote at a General Meeting.

Annual subscriptions and charges for use of the facilities will be as laid down by the Operators and such amounts will be displayed within the Club.

Nominations for membership – Nominations for membership shall be duly proposed and seconded and notice of the same posted in the Club premises. If approved by Club Committee a period of at least two days must elapse before the newly elected member is admitted to any of the privileges of membership.

Temporary Membership – Members of visiting teams or competitors and their supporters or persons attending official functions, or functions held on behalf of members may be given temporary membership for a period not exceeding 24 hours. Notice of persons nominated for temporary membership shall be clearly exhibited on the Club premises for at least two days before such temporary membership takes effect.

OFFICERS AND CLUB COMMITTEE – There shall be a Committee, herein after known as the Club Committee, which shall consist of The Board of Directors of the Operators plus not less than 12 full Club members.

Club members of the Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club. One third of the club members of the Committee shall retire every year in rotation but shall be eligible for re-election. A Chair and Vice-Chair will be elected at the AGM; the Chair shall be
elected for a three-year period, to be succeeded in office by the Vice-Chair at which time a new Vice-Chair will be elected.

The Senior Citizens shall appoint their own Committee to run their own leagues and competitions and shall be represented on the Club Committee.

The Club Committee may appoint one or more sub-committees for such purposes, as it may deem appropriate.

POWERS OF THE COMMITTEE – The day-to-day management of the Club shall be vested in the Club Committee.

Liaison with the Operators will be through the Club Committee.

COMMITTEE MEETINGS – Meeting of the Club Committee are to be held at regular intervals throughout the year. The Vice-Chairman will deputise for the Chairman in his absence. Any casual vacancy in the Club Committee shall be filled by the Committee and any member so chosen shall retire at the following Annual General Meeting but shall be eligible for re-election.

QUORUM – The following will constitute a quorum as appropriate:

  • Annual General Meeting. Fifty eligible voting members
  • Club committee. Three committee members.
  • Club sub-committee. Two sub-committee members.

FINANCIAL YEAR – The financial year of the Club shall cover the period 1 st September to 31 st August.

CLUB SECRETARY – The Club Secretary is a contracted employee. He/she will be an ex Officio member of the Club Committee but shall have no voting powers.

DUTIES OF THE CLUB SECRETARY – The Club Secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the Club and shall have custody of all documents belonging to the Club. He/she shall keep full and correct minutes of all proceedings.

CLUB TREASURER – Where the Club Treasurer receives an honorarium, he/she will be an ex Officio member of the committee.

DUTIES OF THE TREASURER – The Treasurer shall have delegated powers of expenditure in the day-to-day affairs of the Centre and keep proper books of accounts on behalf of the Operators, subject to audit, enabling him/her to present at any time, on reasonable notice by the Board of Directors of the Operators, accurate reports concerning the finances of the Club for the preceding financial year, or the current year as the case may be.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – The Annual General Meeting of subscribing members of the Club will be held in April each year.

Formal notice of this meeting and a copy of the agenda shall be displayed on the Club notice board at least twenty-eight days before such meeting.

Seven days’ notice in writing must be given to the Secretary for any item to be introduced under “Any Other Business”.

SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING – A Special General Meeting shall be called at the discretion of the Club Committee to deal with any matter of major importance. The Club Committee shall be bound to call a Special General Meeting within twenty-one days of the date of a request in writing signed by not less that twenty-five Members of the Club. During the indoor season notice of the meeting and a copy of the agenda will be displayed within the Club at least seven days before the meeting. During the outdoor season the Club Committee will make every effort to provide this information to Members. There will be no items of “Any Other Business” at a Special General Meeting.

COMPLAINTS – All complaints shall be in writing to the Secretary who shall submit them to the Club Committee whose decision shall be final. In no instance shall an employee of the Club be reprimanded directly by a Member.

ALTERATION OF CLUB RULES – These rules may be revoked, added to, or altered by a majority comprising two thirds of the members present at any General Meeting of the Club. Details of such revocation, addition or alteration must be included with the notice calling the General Meeting subject to the approval of the Club Committee. Changes to Club Rules are to be notified to both the Chief Officer of Police and the Clerk to the Licensing Committee within 14 days.

Changes to the Rules relating to membership and admission to the Club, must have the prior approval of the Licensing Committee.

A copy of the Rules shall be displayed in a prominent position within the Club premises and made available to all members.

BYE-LAWS – The Committee may from time to time make, vary, and revoke Byelaws (not consistent with these Rules) for the regulation of the internal affairs of the Club and conduct of members.


MEMBERS BOUND BY RULES: Every member shall be bound by and submit to the Rules and Byelaws of the Club.

PAYMENT OF SUBSCRIPTIONS: Annual subscriptions for Membership are due on the 1st September and shall be payable by 1st October each year for existing members and on joining, including the appropriate joining fee, for new members. Members will not be allowed to play in any league games until all dues are paid.
The Club Committee may terminate the membership of any member whose annual subscription remains unpaid on 1st November.

HOURS OF OPENING: Club opening hours will be in accordance with the club premises certificate.

CONDUCT OF MEMBERS: No betting shall be allowed in the Club. No lottery shall be promoted by any member or officer on behalf of, or in any way connected with the Club, or with any entertainment or event held by or in connection with the Club.
Gaming shall be permitted in the Club which will not contravene any of the provisions of any state for the time being in force. Members bringing children into the Club are responsible for their behaviour, which shall be always exemplary.

SUSPENSION OF MEMBERSHIP: The Club Committee may suspend the membership of any member whose conduct, whether on the Club premises or elsewhere, is injurious to the interests of the Club or its reputation.

Immediately upon suspension of the membership of any member, the Club Committee shall summon a Special General Meeting of the Club for a day not later than the twenty-first day following the suspension.

The Club Committee will give written notice to the suspended member and inform him that if he so desires, they may be present at the said meeting.

At any such meeting the allegations against a suspended member shall be related to the meeting by a member of the Club Committee, and the suspended member shall be heard in answer.

The decision of the Club at the said meeting or at any adjourned meeting whether to reinstate the suspended member or to terminate his/her membership shall be taken by vote and shall be final and conclusive.

Subscriptions and Fees Paid will not be refunded.

ADMISSION OF GUESTS: Members may introduce and entertain guests at the Club. Unless the Club is booked by a member for a specific social occasion, the names and full postal address of such persons will be entered in the visitor’s book maintained in the foyer of the Club, together with details of their host.

The member introducing a guest shall be responsible for the conduct of his/her guest(s) ensuring that the Club Rules and any Club Byelaws are strictly observed.

Members are not to leave the Club premises while their guests are present. No member shall entertain the same guest(s) within the Club on more than twelve occasions in any one calendar year.

BOOKING OF RINKS: Any Full Club member may book a rink in advance for:

  • National competitions.
  • County competitions.
  • Re-arranged league matches.
    National or County competitions will take precedence over scheduled
    league games with league games being rescheduled as necessary.
    Bookings are to be made through the Club Secretary’s office and will be
    charged at a minimum 2-hour session; any more than 2 hours shall be
    At weekends unreserved rinks may be booked and paid for in advance
    for social games subject to 24-hour notice. Failure to honour such
    bookings will result in the forfeiture of rink fees.
    Bookings for outdoor rinks will be made in the book provided.

RADIOS: No privately owned radios, CD players etc, shall be used on club premises unless forming part of official Club entertainment.

MOBILE TELEPHONES: Mobile or portable telephones, other than those provided for Club use are not to be used in playing areas of the Club.
Their use will not be restricted in other adjacent areas providing no disturbance is caused to Club members.

Opening hours, the permitted hours for the supply of alcoholic refreshment will be in accordance with the club premises certificate.
These hours will be displayed alongside the bar. No alcoholic beverage other than that purchased at the Club Bar will be consumed on the premises.

Alcoholic refreshment will not be supplied to or consumed by any person under 18 years of age.

Visiting teams, competitors and their supporters who meet the statutory requirements, are considered as members for the duration of their visit.

No person shall be paid at the expense of the Club any commission, percentage, or similar payment on or with reference to the purchase of intoxicating liquor by the Club; nor shall any person directly derive any pecuniary benefit from the supply of intoxicating liquor by or on behalf of the Club to members, visitors, or guests, apart from any benefit occurring to the Club as a whole.

STORAGE IN BOWLING AREA: Members are respectfully requested to use the shelves at the rear of the seats in the playing area when necessary. Clothing and equipment should not be left on chairs or tables.

BOWLS BAGS: In order not to present a hazard to people walking through the Club, bowls bags are not to be left in the bar or lounge areas or any corridor or passageway within the Club.

SMOKING: Smoking is not allowed in any indoor areas of the Club. This must be strictly always observed. Any person wishing to smoke must use the designated smoking area outside the building.

LIABILITY: Neither the Club, nor any Officer thereof, shall be liable to any member or guest for any loss or damage to any property occurring on the Club premises, or for any injury sustained by any member or guest whilst on Club premises.

ALTERATION OF PLAYING AND LEAGUE RULES: Playing and League rules applicable within the Club may be changed by the Club Committee according to the dictates of the game of bowls without reference to external authorities not connected with the game of bowls.

League Rules


1.1 These rules supplement Club and Playing Rules displayed within the Club and are applicable to all members playing in Club Leagues.


2.1 All League players must be paid up members of the Club, at least two weeks before the first game.

2.2 A player may only play for one team in any one League.

2.3 Mixed Fours: To consist of 2 men and 2 women.

2.4 Mixed Triples: To consist of at least one man and one woman.

2.5 Open Leagues: Any combination permitted.

2.6 Cath Ross Ladies League: One man allowed to make up the team. Man must play Lead. 


3.1 All players are to be registered and the appropriate registration fees paid, two weeks before the first game.

3.2 Captains are to ensure that the registration form is correctly completed and submitted with the appropriate fees.

3.3 Any team playing an unregistered player, other than a substitute, will be penalised by the game being awarded to their opponents, who will receive 2 points, plus their own score.


4.1 Games are to be played in accordance with EIBA or EBF rules, as determined by the League, with the following additions / exceptions.


5.1 Only one Substitute per team, per game will be eligible and shall only play Lead or Second.

5.2 The same Substitute can only be used three times for the same team.

5.3 Any paid-up bowls member of the Club may play as a substitute for a team if they are not registered to play for another team in the same League. 

5.4 In all format’s substitutes cannot play as Skip.

5.5 A last minute substitute may be asked to join a team, consistent with rule 5, even if they do not comply to normal dress code. Appropriate footwear must be worn.


6.1 Pairs Session time or 18 ends

6.2 Triples Session time or 16 ends

6.3 Fours/Rinks Session time or 18 ends


7.1 In a Fours game “three’s” many not “play up.”


8.1 The head may not be visited before the final bell.


9.1 Two points will be scored for a win; one point for a draw.

9.2 The winners of a division will be the team with the highest number of points at the completion of the league programme.

9.3 If teams are level on points, shot difference will decide the winners.


10.1 At the end of the season the top two teams in each division will be promoted and the bottom two teams will be relegated, where appropriate, in the following season’s League competitions.


11.1 A team failing to attend a game within 15 minutes after the start time results in forfeiture of the game to the opponents who will receive two points and five shots. The defaulting team will pay both green fees.


11.2 By mutual consent of both captains the game may be started late, with no penalties, provided the game finishes at the end of the timed session. 

OR – If agreed before the game starts, it can finish late by the same amount of time providing the rink is not booked to be used.

11.3 Should neither team attend no points will be awarded and the game considered void and be re-arranged to be played before the end of the League programme. Each team to pay full green fees.


12.1   Any team unable to field four players in a fours game may play three players. The order of play will be Lead – Lead – No 2 (1 – 1 – 2); or Lead – Lead – No 2 (1 – 1 – 2); Three – Three (3 – 3); Skip – Skip (4 – 4).

12.2 Any team unable to field three players in a triples game may play two players. The order of play will be Lead – Lead – No 2 (1 – 1 – 2); Lead – Lead – No 2 (1 – 1 – 2); Skip – Skip (3 – 3). 

(To simplify this order, ignore the player number 2 for the moment and play the normal game order. Player 2 plays after the leads have played.)

(N.B. in a pairs game rule 11 applies)

12.3 If a player arrives late, they may join the match at any time provided that their name has been included on the scorecard before the start of the game. 

12.4 In any game where there is a player short, the full rink fee (Rule 17) must be paid.


13.1 Notification of intention to cancel matches MUST be given to the League Secretary and the opposing team captain at least 48 hours before the match is due to be played.

13.2 Team captains should attempt to agree alternative dates with their opponents for cancelled matches to be played at the earliest opportunity.

13.3 The “Cancellation and Re-booking Form” MUST be completed and given to the League Secretary, who will re-book the rinks.

13.4 Failure to comply with the above may result in the forfeiture of the match. 


14.1 It is the Skips responsibility to collect the scorecard from the rack and to ensure that the full rink fee (Rule 17) for their team is paid.

14.2 The Skip is responsible for ensuring that a completed scorecard is handed in at the end of the game showing the name of each player and the scores, and the results entered into the Bowlr system.

14.3 Each scorecard must be signed by a member of each team as a true record.


15.1 If the Jack is miscast by each Lead player, it will be set two 2 metres from the front ditch (i.e., on the “T”), and the mat placed at the option of the first to play.

15.2 Re-Spots will be used at all times.

15.3 In the case of a “dead” end or the last end of a game all bowls are to be carried back if other rinks are still in play.

15.4 The Jack must be centred before the end of session buzzer sounds, to enable the last end to be played.


16.1 Rules for each competition will be issued at the time of posting details of the competition.


17.1 Singles £3.00

17.2 Pairs £6.00

17.3 Triples £9.00

17.4 Fours / Rinks £12.00

Other Club Competitions

Rules for other competitions will be issued at the time of posting details of those competitions. 


The Club runs a considerable number of weekend friendly matches and mid-week over 60 friendly games. Availability lists are placed on Bowlr and the notice boards well in advance of the games and the selection policy is that everybody gets a fair share of the games.

The Club enters several County and National team competitions, both open and for the over 60’s. Availability lists are placed on the noticeboard. Selection for these teams is on merit and teams are picked by the ladies and gents selectors elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

In addition to the Club matches, many members enter the various National and County competitions.

The Club also runs its own internal competitions culminating in a final’s day held in April.


  1. Playing rules for all rounds will be under EIBA/EWIBA rules with domestic amendments, which will take precedent.
  2. All rounds to be given a play by date. No extensions will be allowed except by agreement of the competition secretary or committee.
  3. It is the responsibility of both entrants to arrange a mutually agreeable date to play the tie and to book the rink at least one week prior to the set date for the round.
  4. Only one substitute is allowed in the Pairs/Triples and Fours. In the mixed pairs one male and one female substitute is allowed. In all rounds teams must be fully represented. A substitute shall not have played for any other team in that competition. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification of the offending team and suspension from the competition of the offending substitute.
  5. Should a team or competitor default, the non-defaulting team or competitor may be awarded the tie. The defaulting team or competitor will be responsible for payment of the rink fees due.
  6. Playing Arrangements In all rounds up to and including the quarter finals the following will apply: Singles: First to 21 or end of session. No trial ends. Players may visit the head once per end but only after each player has delivered 3 bowls. Pairs/Triples/Fours: 16 ends or the end of session. No trial ends No twos up in triples or threes up in fours The skip may visit the head only on the final-end or extra end of the game. If there is a tie at the end of session an extra end will be played. A coin is to be tossed to decide choice of mat. If extra end is killed, one shot away. If a rink is available prior to the time booked, play may commence.

Dress: Grey/Whites Semi Finals and Finals: All games played in full to normal EIBA/EWIBA rules. Finals are to be played on Finals Day. It will be necessary to book a double session for semi-finals. Dress for semi-finals is Grey/Whites and for finals is Whites. Any competitor qualifying in four or more games on finals day may be given the opportunity to play one game prior to finals day. Any irregularities not covered in these rules will be decided by the competition secretary/committee whose decision will be final.

Organised Roll Ups

DAYArrival TimeStart Playing At

Any member can just turn up, enter their name and be entered into the draw to select teams. This is a fun way to meet other members whilst practising your bowling.

Club Directors

Chair- Sam Hunter

Liz Hext

Andy Cox

Club Committee

Chair – Mike Lewin

Peter Sterry

Martin Bunning

Ann Hewlett

Ann Hewlett

Julie O’Neil

Julie O’Neil

Keith Mansbridge

Keith Mansbridge

Gregg Earle

Office and Facilities Manager

Julie Gillies

Julie Gillies

League Secretary

Darren Johnson

Darren Johnson


Tony Barclay

Tony Barclay

Martin Bunning

Martin Bunning

Christine Frost

Christine Frost

Mike Lewin

Mike Lewin

Dudley Smith

Dudley Smith

Gregg Earle

Gregg Earle

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